Our History
Happy Jack's Pub, From Nineties!

Happy Jack’s first opened in August 1990, named after its owner’s English name, Iakovos Kalou. The pub was initially situated opposite The Atlantica Oasis Hotel, in Tourist Area, Limassol. It was amongst the most popular bars back in the nineties, operating as a karaoke & sports bar. It was especially popular amongst UK tourists, who would go for Happy Jack’s popular English/Scottish breakfast. The all time Happy Jack’s favourite Brandy Sour, also went down really well with the Karaoke nights hosted every weekend. Happy Jack’s have attracted a lot of tourists and locals with its karaoke nights. Who doesn’t enjoy drinking a pint or two and then singing with your friends?

Alison who is now Jack’s wife arrived on holiday in January 1991 where she first met him. After spending two weeks in Cyprus, Alison has decided to leave her office job and work in the pub with Jack. The business was booming, giving the opportunity for Alison & Jack to open their second pub called ‘Pop In’. This pub was also situated by the sea front only 10 minutes walk from Happy Jack’s.

In 2004 their twin girls were born and not long after that, they have decided to sell Happy Jack’s and move to the Pop-In. It was then renamed back to its initial name, Happy Jack’s, which is where it is currently situated now.

The current Happy Jack’s Pub offers more than karaoke and a place to watch football. It has become a meeting hub for all the customers who still visit the pub from the nineties. Happy Jack’s welcomes people of all ages, whether you want to come for a meal, a drink, watch some football, or sing your heart out at the karaoke.